Pets Smart Mini GPS Tracker Anti-Lost Waterproof Bluetooth Tracer For Pets

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$7.99 $12.50
SKU: 27196790-white

Never worry about losing your pet anymore!

Meet the Mini GPS Bluetooth Tracker for Pets. Get rid of your worries in locating a missing pet instantly.

Would this make your life easier? If so then checkout the features below.


  • Track your pet to the nearest street with a signal.
  • Sends multiple alerts instantly to your smartphone.
  • Install on your Pets Collar for tracking
  • With Multiple uses you can install on your Key Ring to track lost keys.
  • Android system in the application treasure download
  • IOS system in the apple app store download
  • Guaranteed 1 Year Battery Life
  • Instructions included with device.

Model Number: Pet Dogs GPS Tracker
Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up
sku: TF0018